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Live Project Update: Week 2

October 7, 2012


After the weekend’s consultation events, we began the second week of the live projects by categorising the public responses and analysing what infrastructure and support systems would need to be in place to make their ideas a reality. We also began a mapping exercise into existing infrastructure and services, such as the location of libraries and cafes in the area. This is to gain a greater understanding of whether the ideas generated for the site would be feasible, suitable and enhance the local area, or if these services already exist and perhaps need to be made more accessible to the general public.

We also learned that there will be a shipping container delivered to the site in the near future, so began thinking about what this could be used for and how it could be integrated with the landscape of Furnace Park by visiting a previous live project at Ecclesall Woods.


The ‘Gateway to Ecclesall Woods’ project used a shipping container to create a projecting platform and hide, level with the raised education area, with the views out of the shelter controlled by structured openings, bringing the user amongst the trees and focusing their attention on the sawmill below. This integration of the container is highly sight specific, but its use to accentuate the change in levels is an idea that could be played with at Furnace Park.

For the interior uses of the container, we have kindly been donated the shelving and display units from the Festival of the Mind Arrivals Zone after its rented container was collected on Thursday. This also began our thinking into a modular system of key components for events and exhibitions in the park, which could be neatly stacked away into a single volume.


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