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Live Project Update: Week 3, Design Charrette

October 14, 2012


To push forward with our ideas for Furnace Park, we held an “in-house” design charette on Friday. Occupying a room at CADS, we covered the walls with site photographs, plans and precedents and split into two teams to address the brief we had developed during the week. This aimed to generate ideas for the modular design we had proposed, bringing together considerations such as structure, materiality, environmental and site considerations, assembly/disassembly and the temporary nature of the project. We also aimed to be in a position to start prototyping in Week 4, and to be able to carry out small interventions based on our design in or around the site during that week.

Through this process, both teams developed the idea of overlaying a grid system on the site, one as a way of structuring uses and the other as a way of structuring circulation, but both as a means of allowing future users to introduce their own interventions to Furnace Park. Though this, the idea developed that we could produce a manual of “50 ideas for Furnace Park”, with 50 detailed construction sheets for different modular interventions on the grid ranging from 1sqm planters to 6sqm bars, and space for further ideas to be developed under the same principles. We quickly renamed this “15 ideas for Furnace Park”.


After a break for lunch, with a talk on last year’s live projects, we regrouped to discuss the thoughts behind our key design decisions of the morning and split into pairs to progress the varying site strategies and modular designs in closer detail, through sketches and models, before a round table review with SKINN at the end of the day.


This final discussion reiterated the importance of the temporary nature of our interventions, of a light-touch approach which leaves nothing behind at the end of the lease. Through our considerations of available materials, we also decided to start investigating pallet based designs through the breakdown of their component parts rather than as single elements.


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