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Live Project Update: 3 hours, £3, 1 pallet, 1 bench

October 21, 2012


The week began with the realisation that we needed to bring our designs and our focus back to developing interest and intrigue around the Furnace Park site in Shalesmoor. Initially we aimed to host a public development workshop next to the site to test our designs and the build-ability of our ideas. But as our designs developed, so did our knowledge that we would have to test the construction methods amongst ourselves before getting the public involved. This decision gave us time to develop four interventions, a planter, a canopy system, a table and a bench, in closer detail together with step-by-step construction guides for each structure (open-source files coming soon).

On Friday 19/10/12, we tested out the bench construction at CADS. This gave us the ability to update the construction guide simultaneously with building. For example, we had imagined using the blue Euro-pallets, but it soon became evident that they are not easy to de-construct with hand tools!


The change in pallet type meant separating out the different components required for the bench took around two hours – far longer than any of the group had anticipated! However, once this was done, and we had purchased the correct length of screws and changed the drill battery, construction was quick and simple.



And as it only required one pallet, we could easily carry it down for a test run by Furnace Park!



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