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Live Project Update: Information and Intrigue

October 21, 2012


Whilst part of the team were working on developing the pallet systems, another group were looking into creating interest on site. Although the finer points of public/university site access are still to be negotiated, we felt it was part of our role to keep the people in the local area interested in the site and informed of its future – and the role they could play in it.

The group began by investigating possible ways of interacting with the fence and developing these ideas into photoshop collages, which they then presented to the Live Project team as a whole on Tuesday. The main ideas moving forward from this were to re-use tin cans as planters and lanterns, to create interest on the fence at varying times of day. Another key idea was to implement the uses of blackboards to be used as a calendar for future events – but we agreed this could be combined with the tin can development with the use of blackboard paint.

However, as these designs developed through the course of the week, it became obvious that we would not be able to collect enough recyclable material for the designs to create a clear vision for the future of the park (we had just missed recycling day, and once the tin cans have reached the recycling centres, they become their property and their responsibility).

We needed a shift in direction, but had established a key manifesto of re-using materials and concentrating on low-cost interventions which could be added to over time. This gave us the ability to address a key issue that had been raised with the tin can designs – how could we provide information on our activities as well as create something with a visual impact?

Using free offcuts of timber board from the Sheffield School of Architecture, we decided to transfer some of our research and photoshop images onto these boards by transfer printing them with cellulose thinner (Instructions can be found here: ).
This is a low cost and effective method of producing both large and small scale signs – so long as you remember to reverse print any text before transferring it to the boards!


The large information boards are attached to the Furnace Park fence along Doncaster Street, where they can be seen from a distance, and the smaller boards with the blog and twitter information spread out around Shalesmoor from this point.


We hope to add to the fence with further site visions and our further progress as the project develops.



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