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1:200 Interactive Site Model

November 1, 2012

As part of our master planning for Furnace Park, we produced a 1:200 site model of Furnace Park and the surrounding area together with a tool-kit of parts, primarily based on our pallet structures, to help facilitate the planning of this summer’s events programme.



The tool-kit includes 3 gridded overlays for the site, one based from a pallet-grid, a 4m grid and a 10m grid. The idea behind this is not to suggest stripping the site back or taming the wildscape, but to look at Furnace Park in closer detail, much like the way ecologists use square grids to map plant species or changes in abundance. Once the site is opened, more site specific analysis could be undertaken by University students or interested parties to determine the exact locations of vegetation and hard-standing, and map the permanent elements onto the site model.


Even without this final level of detail, the kit of parts, including a-frames, benches, tables, market stalls, planters, shipping containers, larger canopies and 1:200 model people for easier understanding of scale, can be used by stakeholders, such as university students and interested local activity groups, workers and residence, with SKINN or Plasticities, to propose events for the summer events programme in March and plan them out spatially.



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